The Second Milestone in .NET Draw EAN-13 in .NET The Second Milestone

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The Second Milestone using barcode development for visual studio .net control to generate, create gs1-13 image in visual studio .net applications. Bar Code Scanner Environments Spencer passed this EAN13 for .NET information back to his development team and everything was going well until the second milestone release went out. Jennifer"s team received the latest interface definition, which included the next set of functionality that her team was going to test.

Unfortunately, her developers were not at all happy with the results. Spencer"s team had determined the operations to expose in the web service-based solely upon their past knowledge of the applications that would be using it. Unfortunately, some significant changes had occurred to the applications, and their knowledge was out of date.

The way in which they had represented the data in the operation was a complete mismatch to the processing model within the auto insurance application. While all the data was there, the way in which the data was organized would require Jennifer"s team to completely disassemble the data and reassemble it in the data structures necessary. This had the potential of impacting.

[ 24 ]. 2 . her team"s delivery schedule. Jennifer discussed this with Spencer, and he agreed to modify the service interface according to what her developers needed. This wound up being a relatively simple change for Spencer"s team, so it was pushed out as part of the next iteration, two weeks later.

That day was no better. "Spencer, what happened to the service " Mark said, with a clear sense of irritation in his voice. "We had integrated our application with the last milestone release, and then you go and change all the operations out from underneath us.

What gives " "Mark, I"m sorry I didn"t let you know about those changes. Jennifer, the project manager for the auto insurance upgrade project, wasn"t happy with the last milestone release as her developers would have had to do significant rework in order to accommodate the interface design." "Spencer, what am I supposed to do now Your changes will now require significant rework in my application to accommodate these new interface changes, and I can"t afford any more slips in my schedule.

" "Let me set up a meeting with you and Jennifer so we can find an approach that will work with both of your schedules. I"ll get it set up for this afternoon," said Spencer. That afternoon, Spencer met with Mark and Jennifer to discuss the state of affairs.

Neither of them was happy about the situation. "Spencer, I can"t take on any more development tasks right now. My team is already struggling to make the necessary changes for these regulatory changes in the time we have left.

I can"t afford to have them make changes that we didn"t need because your team decided to change the service from underneath us," said Mark. Jennifer replied, "Mark, your project isn"t the only one that"s important. I"ve got just as much pressure on me to get this project delivered, and that original interface would have added about three weeks onto my schedule.

" Spencer was regretting not having involved Mark and Jennifer"s teams back when the original interface design decisions were made. He had trusted that by having developers who had previously worked on both of those applications they would have known what operations would work best for each, but that clearly wasn"t the case. While he didn"t want to do it, he knew that he had to make sacrifices within his project in order to meet both Mark and Jennifer"s needs.

He asked, "Mark, if we put the original operations back in the service interface in our next iteration, would that work for you It would be available within two weeks. Jennifer, we"d leave the new operations in the interface. While I"d like to only provide this functionality in one way, I realize that in order to meet both of your schedules, this is the only way that can be done.

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