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3 Variances using visual .net toadd qr codes with web,windows application Code-27 This section is used to reco qrcode for .NET rd any variances of the artifacts from those areas agreed on previously, especially in areas that may cause concern to the group accepting the test results and including any references to supporting documentation that covers the reasons for the deviations. For example: Conditions observed during the course of testing resulted in the design of additional test cases to explore concerns regarding the CTS Wiki Org Chart legibility.

A number of additional defects were identi ed as a result, which were subsequently corrected and successfully retested.. Appendix G. Agile Test Summary Report Template 4 Assessment This section provides a brie f assessment of the comprehensiveness of the testing process for the completed testing phase against the test objectives and constraints speci ed in the test plan document. Where code coverage measurements have been made, the results should also be included in this section. This section also identi es any aspects of the AUT that were not tested as thoroughly as planned (due to insuf cient time or resources).

For example: All test cases were executed with the exception of Test Cases 02-Team-OrgChart-04 and 02-Team-Org-Chart-05 (testing the CTS Wiki Org Chart Navigation), which were omitted due to challenging testing timescales combined with the need to further investigate concerns associated with the CTS Wiki Org Chart legibility.. 5 Results This section provides a summ ary of the results of the Iteration ID testing of the AUT Title , identi es all resolved issues, and summarizes the details of their resolution and lists any outstanding issues. For example: Test Case 02-Team-Org-Chart-03 revealed problems with the legibility of the CT Wiki Org Chart (and in particular potential issues with Red Green perceptually challenged users). The developers corrected the observed defects and the amended code passed the retest.

However, it was not possible within the timescales of the testing task to regression-test the associated navigation requirements. This issue remains outstanding and should be observed following installation and use in the live environment..

6 Evaluation This section provides an ove rall evaluation of the testing process including problems and limitations. For example: The Org Chart section of the CTS Wiki (v1.0, 2008) underwent comprehensive testing, with only two defects being observed.

Additional test cases were designed and executed to explore the CTS Wiki Org Chart legibility, and following correction and retesting it is believed that legibility will be acceptable in use. Since a number of problems were observed with navigation, and only perfunctory retesting was possible due to challenging testing timescales, it is thought that there will be a medium likelihood of navigation failure in use..

Appendix G. Agile Test Summary Report Template 7 Summary of Activities This section provides a summ .net framework qr barcode ary of the major testing activities and events for the Iteration ID testing of the AUT Title . This section also summarizes testing resource information, such as total staf ng levels and total testing time.

For example: Test Start Date: July 7th 2008. Item Staff Levels Test Desig n Effort Test Execution Effort Re-Test Effort Test Management and Reporting Etc.. Test End Date: July 8th 2008 Planned 3 1.5 2 0.5 0.5 Actual 2 2.0 2 0.75 0.5 APPENDIX H My Agile Process Checklist H.1 Introduction To assist you in the selecti on of agile practices to populate your own agile process, this appendix contains a checklist of agile practices that show graphically which practices are particularly appropriate for different styles and sizes of agile project. This information can be used as a visual summary and aide memoire of the information provided in 25. To help you understand the format and contents of the checklist, refer to Figure H.

1.. Agile Practices Foundation Agile Development and Testing Practices Iteration Pair Testing Early Involvement of Test Practices. Agile Project Style Small Medium Large Offshore This practice is not applicable as a foundation practice Use of this practice should be considered with care on a small project Use of this practice should be strongly considered on a medium project This practice should be very strongly considered for use on a large project This practice has particular challenges on offshore projects Explanation of the format and content of the agile practices checklist. Appendix H. My Agile Process Checklist Foundation Agile Development and Testing Practices Iteration Pair Testing Early Involvement of Test Resources Test-Driven Design All Defects Fixed Immediately Continuous Integration Test Refactoring Identify Targets of Test Code Coverage Metrics Rapid Prototyping Collective Code & Test Ownership Every Day Is Test Day Agile Exploratory Testing Agile Process and Project Management Practices. Co-Location of Project Stake QR Code for .NET holders Be Sensitive to the Reuse of Traditional Test Techniques Well-Bounded Iterations Progress Measurement Progress Visualization Availability of Agile Process Guidance Metrics Process Improvement Everyone Is a Software Engineer Agile Estimation.
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