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2: Installing WordPress MU using barcode writer for none control to generate, create none image in none applications. bar code Tools you will n none none eed Text editors FTP clients and other tools Setting up a local web server Time for action getting your server set up Databases with MySQL Preparing for WordPress MU creating a database Time for action creating a database for WordPress MU Time for action subdomains for WordPress MU Preparing your live server Time for action working with cPanel User blogs with subdomains Time for action subdomains under WHM. 19 19 20 20 20 2 2 23 23 24 26 26 26 27. Table of Contents One last thing w ildcards and Apache Installing WordPress MU Time for action getting WordPress MU up and running Changing the admin password Time for action changing the admin password Letting people register Time for action enabling registrations Testing your site Time for action creating a new user Summary. 28 29 30 33 34 34 34 35 36 37. 3: Customizing the Appearance of Your Site Picking out a th none for none eme Installing your new theme Time for action installing a new theme Styling the sign-up page Time for action editing your theme Setting the theme for your users" blogs Time for action changing the default blog theme Customizing your home page Time for action making a sign-up button Featured posts Time for action featured posts Showing off your statistics Time for action simple stats Displaying recent posts and comments Time for action displaying the most active blogs Customizing AHP Sitewide Recent Posts plugin Time for action tweaking the recent post display options Displaying Sitewide recent comments plugin Time for action Sitewide recent comments. The plugin display code 39 40 41 44 45 4 none none 7 47 50 50 51 52 56 56 59 59 61 61 63 63. Time for action our improved home page Other important points Summary 67 67 68. 4: Letting Users Manage Their Blogs User management basics Preparing the site for our users Banned Names 69 70. Customization options for your users Time for action offering a selection of themes [ ii ]. 72 73. Table of Contents User editable th emes Time for action userthemes revisited User roles and admin panels Time for action setting user levels and changing the user"s admin panel Hiding the dashboard Time for action hiding the dashboard More user options privacy and using their own domain Time for action domain mapping A few things to consider Summary. 74 75 78 79 79 8 none none 1 81 83 83 86 86. 5: Protecting Your Site Signing up for r none none eCAPTCHA Stopping spam with reCAPTCHA and Bad Behavior Time for action setting up reCAPTCHA Bad Behavior Time for action setting up Bad Behavior Making sure the plugins run for your users Time for action managing your users" plugins Blocking bad guys with .htaccess Time for action .htaccess settings to stop bad guys Other useful plugins.

Moderating registrations Taming your default categories 90 90 90 93 93 9 none none 8 98 101 102 105. 105 106. Regular backups without lifting a finger Time for action automatic backups Summary 107 107 109. 6: Increasing Traffic to Your Blog Improved tagging Time for action tagging blog posts Sitewide tags Time for action sitewide tag clouds Using pings Time for action pings Trackbacks Offering RSS feeds Time for action offering RSS subscription options. FeedBurner 111 112 114 114 117 117 118 120 120. Time for action none none let"s burn some feeds Twitter and social bookmarking Getting your readers to share posts. [ iii ]. 122 126 126. Table of Contents Time for action social bookmarking links More about traffic building Summary 127 129 130. 7: Sticky Features for your Blog Network What do people m ean by "sticky" Letting readers and authors communicate Contact forms Time for action setting up contact forms Improved comments Time for action IntenseDebate Comments. Activating IntenseDebate on your users" blogs 132 132 133 133 135 135. Community featur none none es gravatars Time for action gravatars in WordPress MU Encouraging sign-ups with downloads for members only Welcoming new visitors Time for action creating a welcome message Related posts for visitors from search engines Other ways to engage the community. Polls Sitewide searching 141 141 143 144 144 148 149. 149 149. Summary. 8: Adding Forums with bbPress Installing bbPre none for none ss Time for action installing bbPress One login for both the forum and the blog Time for action user DB integration with WordPress MU Handling new users Time for action blog and forum registrations Seamless theme integration Time for action styling your forum Managing your forum Time for action managing your forum.
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