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Do nothing generate, create none none in none projectsean 13 generator c# Really. Doing nothin none for none g is a valid option. The UPK Player does come with perfectly adequate built-in help.

And if you find this to be inadequate, you can always provide your own specific help. If your users are in any way computer literate they should be able to work their way through the on-line help. In fact, if your users have mobile phones, then their phones are quite likely more difficult to use than the UPK Player, and if they can use their phones, they can probably use the Player.

. About 2D Code [ 363 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Adding Value in the Player That said, if you ar none for none e expecting your users to just use the Player help, you probably want to provide some text in the Concept pane of the first outline element in the Player (as this is the first thing that the user will see when they start the Player) to direct them to the Player help.. Summary. There are a number o none none f things that you can do to provide your trainees with a little control over the way that they interact with the Player, and to personalize their "learning experience". This includes: Providing the ability to filter content in the Player based on the trainee"s role Providing jump-in points so that trainees can start the playback of a simulation from a number of different points Using keywords to provide a more effective search facility. Although providing t hese things will undoubtedly improve the usefulness of your training, and increase the trainees" satisfaction, they are not things that are immediately obvious (or intuitive) to the trainees, who may be blithely ignorant to the fact that they exist, despite the hours that you painstakingly put into providing them. You may therefore want to consider providing some form of training on the UPK Player to your trainees, if you provide these functions..

[ 364 ]. Download at WoweBook.Com Incorporating Sound into Your Topics In this chapter, we will look at a less-used feature of UPK: Sound. UPK provides the ability to incorporate sound recordings into your Topics. The purpose of this is to allow you to record speech for your texts (for both Template Texts and Custom Texts), so that trainees can hear this when they play the simulation.

This may be an important consideration for Section 502, accessibility compliance. You may recall from 4, Editing a Topic, that UPK builds up the Template Text for a Frame out of several smaller pieces of text (one for the Action, one for the Object Type, and so on). UPK builds the sound that is played for a Frame in exactly the same way.

In fact, UPK has a sound file for each of the pieces of text, and each sound file must be recorded separately. Alternatively, you can dispense with the template structure and simply record a single sound file for the entire Frame..

Displaying sound properties for a Frame To display the sound properties for a Frame, carry out the following steps: 1. Open the Topic for which you want to display the sound properties. 2.

In the Frame Navigation pane, click on the Frame for which you want to display the sound properties.. Download at WoweBook.Com Incorporating Sound into Your Topics 3. Click on the Soun none none d Properties button ( ) on the Standard toolbar (see (1) in the following screenshot). The Sound Properties pane is displayed, as shown in the next screenshot:.

In the previous scre enshot, you can also see the Frame to which the Sound Properties relates, and the Template Text (shown in the Bubble). Here, it is very easy to see the correlation between the sound files and the corresponding text. The Text column in the Sound Properties pane shows the template text, and the File column shows the expected location of the sound file.

(If you want to see where UPK defines which sound file is used in each case, see the description of the template.xml file in 11, Customizing UPK.).

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