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6. generate, create data matrix none for software projects iOS The name and sho Data Matrix barcode for None rtDescription fields are needed for the User class, while the searchClass and id properties are used for any entity which gets indexed. When writing real applications you should also use a better index value than the one used in this case like models.User.

1, which consists of a long string instead of a numerical hash, though of course still being unique from an application point of view. A murmur hash function or similar might be a good choice. Solr also has support for UUID based IDs.

Check for more information.

This is quite a good example on how to integrate an existing API into Play framework, as it closely resembles the existing methods like find(). It adds up the search() methods, which makes it pretty easy for the developer to adapt to this new functionality. You should always think about the possibilities of integration.

For example, the SolrQuery class used in this example supports facetted searches. However, integrating this neatly into the Play framework is a completely different issue. If it does not work in a nice way, you should use the native API instead of just adding another layer of complexity, which needs to be maintained.

If you want to optimize this module, the first possible spot to look for would be the fetch() method in the Query class. It is very inefficient to execute JPA.em().

find() on every ID returned by the search query. You could easily group this query into one statement using a JPA query and the IN operator of JPQL..

There"s more... Search is a real Software Data Matrix ly complex topic. Make sure you know the search engine you are using before you tie it to your application..

More information about SolrJ SolrJ is an incr Software Data Matrix edibly useful library for connecting Solr with Java. You should read more about it at http://wiki.apache.

org/solr/Solrj.. More complex queries As you can acces Software data matrix barcodes s the Solr query inside the query class, you can define arbitrary complex queries if you change the query class as needed. This would include stuff such as facetting, range queries, and many more. Solr is actually very versatile and here we use only a very small number of features.

. Support for other search engines There is a very ECC200 for None nice module for the elasticsearch engine, which is a new kid on the block of Lucene-based search engines. It scales transparently and you can even use it as a complete backend data store. More information about elasticsearch is available at. Practical Module Examples Writing your own cache implementation Play already com Software DataMatrix es with an easy to scale cache solution included, namely memcached. However, you might not want to use memcached at all. It might not fit your needs, your admin may not want to install another application on a system, or anything else.

Instead of not using a cache at all, this recipe shows you how to write your own implementation of a cache. This example will use Hazelcast, a pure Java distributed system as implementation. You can find the source code of this example in the examples/chapter6/cachingimplementation directory.

. Getting ready It requires a li Software datamatrix 2d barcode ttle bit of work to get to the point to start programming. We need to get Hazelcast instance up and running and setup an application for development. Hazelcast is basically a distributed data platform for the JVM.

Hazelcast has tons of more features that are not needed in this little example basically only a distributed map is featured here. Hazelcast scales very well, there are live examples of even 100 parallel running instances. So, first download Hazelcast.

Go to, click on the Downloads menu and get the latest version, it usually comes in a ZIP file.

Unzip it, and run the following commands:. cd hazelcast-${VERSION} cd bin sh That"s it. You s Software datamatrix 2d barcode hould now have a running Hazelcast instance on localhost. Furthermore, you need to copy two jars into the lib/ directory of your Play application.

These are:.
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