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4. using barcode encoding for software control to generate, create code 128 barcode image in software applications. Microsoft Official Website Whereas the v Code 128B for None ocabulary called Continent will have terms included for selection, Country and Location are free-tagging, meaning that the person posting the content must type these in.. On returning to the Taxonomy page, we see that the new vocabulary that we have just created has been listed. Now we need to add the terms for the Continent vocabulary. We do this by clicking on the add terms link, and completing the form that we will be presented with.

Forget the Advanced options link at the bottom of the page at this stage, because we only have a single level of terms. If you click on the list terms link on the vocabulary, then you will be presented with a list of the terms that you have created, in the order that they will be presented to the user. If you don"t like this order, then just drag the ones you want to change to the location that you want.

. [ 77 ]. Breaking Events Building an Events Site Test the Event submission form Now let us te st our Event submission form, and see how it works. To do this, click on the Create content link on the lefthand side menu, and select Event. You will get a form, similar to the one shown in the following screenshot:.

Post some eve Code 128 Code Set B for None nts, to make sure that the site has been correctly set up, and make sure that the posts are promoted to the front page. You should end up with a front page similar to the one shown in the following screenshot:. [ 78 ]. 4 . Tips and trap s Remember to change the permissions to create event content, create images, and upload file on the Permissions page. Without enabling the Poormanscron module, the notification will not work..

[ 79 ]. Breaking Events Building an Events Site Display content The Taxonomy Menu module will permit you to view your events just by clicking on a menu link that corresponds to the title of a vocabulary term. We want to be able to view our events by Continent..

Create quick menus with the Taxonomy Menu module Download the Taxonomy Menu module, and install it. After this, go to the Administer page, and then to the Taxonomy Menu settings page. Select the vocabularies that you want to include in your menu, and save the configuration.

You will now see the links to items related to each vocabulary under the Navigation menu in the sidebar.. [ 80 ]. 4 . If you have p Software code-128c osted items into the categories already, then you will see that your posts appear on the page when we click on the corresponding menu. For example, if you click on the Continent . Asia link, t hen you will see a page containing the events that have taken place, or will take place, in Asia.. Menus Now let"s tid y up our site by creating a menu system that is more intuitive. For simplicity, we will be keeping our entire Continent page views menu separate from our user"s menu. We will be putting them all under the Primary links menu.

To do this, go to the Menu link on the Administer page. 1. Click on the Navigation link at the top to access the Navigation page, which lists all of the navigation links.

2. Click on the edit link in front of each term under the vocabulary Continent. 3.

In the resulting page, change the Parent Item to <Primary links>, and also select the Expanded checkbox. 4. After having moved all of the terms under Continent to the Primary links menu, deselect Continent from the Navigation link menu.

After saving, you are taken to another page which shows that all of the menu items for the terms have been moved under Primary links menu.. [ 81 ].
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