The type of threshold you choose here changes the content of the following section. in .NET Generation pdf417 in .NET The type of threshold you choose here changes the content of the following section.

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10. using barcode integrating for .net framework control to generate, create barcode pdf417 image in .net framework applications. itf-14 In this secti pdf417 2d barcode for .NET on, you can also change the Threshold Type which can be one of the following:. High / Low Va lues: The threshold is breached if the value is above or below these numbers. Baseline: A time range from the past is used to calculate acceptable minimum and maximum values. The threshold is breached if the values deviate by this amount, in percent.

Time Based: Similar to the high/low threshold, a time-based threshold is defined by setting high and low numbers. In order to trigger the threshold, it must be breached x number of times within the last y minutes (for example, 2 times within the last 30 minutes)..

The type of threshold you choose here changes the content of the following section. Threshold set up section This section provides fields for setting up the actual threshold. Depending on the Threshold Type you chose earlier, this section changes..

The following barcode pdf417 for .NET screenshot displays the section seen when you choose the High / Low Values type:. [ 229 ]. Threshold Monitoring with Thold As mentioned earlier, High / Low Values thresholds are the simplest type. A value has to be at fault for a consecutive number of times (Breach Duration) for an alert to be issued. The Baseline threshold type provides more fields for you to fill in, as shown in the following screenshot:.

As not all da PDF417 for .NET ta sources can be defined with a fixed threshold limit, the Baseline threshold provides an automated way of creating a threshold for these kinds of data sources. Let"s assume that you have a system with an average load of 5% at working hours from Monday to Friday and, due to backups and/or heavy reporting functions running at night, it goes up to 15%.

If you now set a high threshold of 15%, then you would probably not notice an unusual load during working hours, when a virus outbreak increases the average load to 10%. This is where the Baseline threshold will come in handy. By setting the reference point for the threshold to the value from a week ago and choosing a decent, but not too large time range, you can define a dynamic threshold by using the Baseline deviation UP and Baseline deviation DOWN fields.

The Baseline threshold will then alert you when the average load increases to, for example, 10% during work hours but will also alert you during the night when the average load increases beyond 15%. You can take care of smaller usage spikes by also defining a Baseline Trigger Count..

[ 230 ]. 10 . The last thre shold type available is the Time Based threshold so let"s look at its settings:. As described VS .NET pdf417 earlier, Time Based thresholds have fixed high and low threshold values but in contrast to the simple High / Low Values type, this one is able to check for the number of threshold breaches within a specific time range. When would you use this Let"s assume you are counting the number of failed logins of the root user to your system.

As it sometimes happens, you type in the wrong password, and you do not want to be alerted for every single failed login, so you set the High Threshold to 2. If someone tries to login to your system twice within the last 5 minutes, then you will get an alert. However, if someone tries to login to your system 288 times in the last 24 hours, or on average once every 5 minutes, then you will never get an alert.

Time Based thresholds will allow you to define a case which would cause the threshold to alert if the value is breached 2 times (Breach Count) during the last 60 minutes (Breach Window). In the example with the failed logins you will now get an alert telling you that someone tried to logon 7 times during the last 60 minutes..

Alert setup s ection The alert section allows you to define the recipients of the alert. As you have already set up an e-mail address for a user, it should appear in the Notify accounts list..

The Re-Alert PDF417 for .NET Cycle field allows you to enable e-mail alerts to be sent out regularly as long as a threshold is breached. This will remind those responsible that there is an ongoing issue to be resolved.

In case you have external users in need of this information, or have systems that create tickets or take action on an alert, you can define some extra e-mail addresses in the Extra Alert Emails box.. [ 231 ].
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