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For example, the following command can be used to stop the DNS server:. net stop dns When you want to acti 39 barcode for .NET vate the Active Directory in Windows 2000/2003, it is necessary to take into consideration that Active Directory will use DNS to search for its own services. These services are also maintained in SRV records.

Therefore, Active Directory expects that the DNS server will support this type of record. Active Directory would also like to register these services into DNS dynamically (dynamic update). If the server does not support the dynamic update, the domain controller includes the %systemroot%\System32\config\netlogon.

dns file, which contains a batch of SRV records that are entered into DNS statically. Active Directory can now be installed using the dcpromo command. When using Active Directory, it is necessary to bear in mind that Active Directory uses a name space that happens to be divided in domains just like the DNS name space.

Name servers of this name space are called domain controllers. These are two name spaces that have nothing in common. They are only integrated in the same database, Active Directory.

However, it would be impractical if the name of the same computer was different in Windows from its name in the TCP/IP world.

That is why both spaces happen to use the same names (the same sequences in names). This was only noticed when there was a need to issue the certificates for objects of these name spaces. The names of objects are stated in the certificates.

The DNS name is written in the form, but name for the Active Directory name space is written as DC=computer, DC=company, and DC=com.

. Tools for DNS Debugging and Administration In this chapter, we w .net vs 2010 barcode 3 of 9 ill discuss tools for debugging DNS such as nslookup, dnswalk, and dig, how to control a name server using the rndc program, and the common errors that might occur while configuring DNS..

5.1 Tools for DNS Debugging After the configurati 3 of 9 barcode for .NET on and startup of a name server, it is necessary to check whether the name server works correctly. Mistakes in DNS are very unpleasant.

When a mistake in DNS occurs, applications sometimes do not start at all, but more often, the whole system seems to work very slowly. This applies especially to the configuration of a firewall. If the firewall has long response intervals, it is most likely due to an incorrectly functioning DNS.

There are some informative RFCs that focus on DNS problems. For example, RFC 1537 focuses on frequent mistakes in DNS and RFC 1713 focuses on tools for debugging. There are two methods that can be used to check the configuration, which are as follows: 1.

The first method is based on assuming the resolver"s role and sending DNS queries to your DNS server in the same way that the resolver does. In this case, you are testing whether the name server answers your queries as you expect it to. For such testing we will manage with very easy tolls as ping or nslookup.

Some of these tools have at each systems disposal (which have installed TCP/IP protocol stack). The only we need good knowledge of DNS. The second option is a complete check (DNS debugging) using a program that knows DNS rules and checks adherence to these rules in the domain on your name server.

The result of this kind of a check is a list of mistakes that occurred in the configuration of the particular domain.. However, both of thes e methods assume that you have managed to start your name server, and the testing programs used can send their queries to the running name server. BIND version 9 offers administrator utilities that can be used for checking the configuration before starting the name server..

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