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How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download: IOT Signal using barcode encoding for none control to generate, create none image in none applications. WinForms The IOT signal en none for none sures the extraction of the statistics, usually into the /tmp/named.stats file. Here is an example:.

###(82490113) Fri Feb 16 18:01:53 1996 551359 time since boot (secs) number of seconds from the start 551359 time since reset (secs) 631708 input packets number of input packets 637573 output packets number of output packets 621627 queries number of queries 0 iqueries number of inversion queries 552 duplicate queries number of queries repeated after reaching the interval 13053 responses number of responses from distant name servers 282 duplicate responses number of repeated responses from name servers 426098 OK answers number of answers without an error indication 178 FAIL answers number of answers with an error indication 2 FORMERR answers number of refused answers 3525 system queries number of queries of a local server 3 prime cache calls how many times the data about the root servers were read 2 check_ns calls how many times the TTL field expired for records describing access to the root name servers; after such expiration the file is read again 345 bad responses drooped number of faulty responses from distant servers 2 martian responses number of responses sent by "Martians" (responses from unknown distant servers) 194894 negative responses cached number of cached negative responses 0 unknown query types number of queries about unknown record types 520940 A queries number of queries about A type of records 14 NS queries number of queries about NS type of records 316 CNAME queries number of queries about CNAME type of records 132. 5 819 SOA querie none for none s 2 MR queries 13045 PTR queries 86064 MX queries 2 AXFR queries transfer) 425 ANY queries number of queries about SOA type of records number of queries about MR type of records number of queries about PTR type of records number of queries about MX type of records number of queries about AXFR type of records (zone number of queries about ANY type of records (*). TERM Signal The TERM signal p none none roperly stops the named program. Information obtained by the IXFR or by Dynamic Update is saved into files.. KILL Signal The KILL signal i none none mmediately stops the named program; this termination is abnormal. It is recommended to use this signal only in a situation when the TERM signal doesn"t work.. USR1 and USR2 Signals The USR1 signal i none for none s used for turning on the debugging output into the /tmp/ file. Another USR1 signal increases the debugging level, i.

e., the quantity of recorded information. There are up to 11 levels.

The USR2 signal is used for turning the debugging output off completely (and not to gradually decrease the debugging level). The debugging output records individual steps of a name server. The following example is an example of debugging level 1.

It is a translation of the name to an IP address.

As the name was submitted without a dot, the default domain was first added after the name. The translation of test97. .company.

com was not successful; the following attempt is to translate

The query was sent to an authoritative name server for the domain, which has an IP address 158.43.


Debug turned ON, Level 1 (Kill -USR1 ...

) datagram from [193.85.240.

30].1824, fd 5, len 39; now Fri Feb16 18:18:56 1996 req: nlookup(test97.provider. id 512 type=1 req: found "test97.

com" as "" (cname=0) ns_req: answer [193.85.

240.30].1824 fd=5 id=2 Local datagram from [193.


1825, fd 5, len 32; now Fri Feb16 18:18:56 1996 req: nlookup( id 718 type=1 req: found "test97." as "" (cname=0) forw: forw [158.


53 ds=7 nsid=3 0ms retry 4sec datagram from [158.43.128.

8].53, fd 5, len 196; now Fri Feb 16 18:18:57 1996 update_msg: msglen:196, c:9 update failed (-10) send_msg [193.85.

240.30] (UDP 5 1825) id=3 Debug turned OFF (kill -USR2 ..

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