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How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download:
4. use .net qr barcode creator toaccess qr code jis x 0510 with .net Microsoft Windows SDK Display content We are now goi ng to create menu items, in order to view the content that we have published. Our links to the articles by Section should be located in the Top Menu. 1.

Navigate to the modules page, via Extensions . Module Manage VS .NET qr barcode r. On this page, make sure that the Top Menu module is enabled.

2. Now navigate to Menus . Top Menu from the administrator toolbar. This will show a blank table. What we intend to do is add to new menu items for the sections News, Sports, Opinion, Features, and Forums.

. Add the News section link We need to add a menu link for the News section. 1. Click on New on the top right-hand side bar, in order to add a new menu item.

2. Select Articles, and from the expanded menu tree, click on Section Layout..

[ 85 ]. The Daily Joomer Building a Newspaper Site 3. On the Menu .net vs 2010 qr bidimensional barcode Item page, we will ll in the desired menu title, change any other page view display parameters necessary, and then save the menu link.

. Add the other section links We also need t QR Code 2d barcode for .NET o add links for the other sections (Sports, Opinion, and Features), which we do as follows: 1. Navigate to the Menus .

Top Menu page , in order to bring up the Top Menu, and then select the New button. 2. Follow the same steps that we performed for the News section link, in order to create all of the other menu links.

. [ 86 ]. 4 . Add the Forum link Now let us add a link to the newspaper forum: 1. As before, navigate to the Menus Top Menu page .NET qr bidimensional barcode , in order to open the Top Menu, and then click on the New button. 2.

Follow the same steps as we used to create the section links. However, to create a link for the forum, we select Agora Forum on the Menu Item con guration page. If you now navigate to the Top Menu, from a preview, you will see all of the new menu links that we have created.

If you click on the News link, you will see the Categories containing the articles that have been posted under News, and the number of articles in each category.. [ 87 ]. The Daily Joomer Building a Newspaper Site Finishing up If you return to the front page, you will see that we are done with this project. [ 88 ]. 4 . Further development The result, as VS .NET QR we can see, is a simple site that is probably suitable only for a small local newspaper. A good idea for enhancing the site might be to add a poll, through the Poll component, and advertisement banners, through the Banners component.

Both of these components are core components. An exciting extension to use is CCK, which enables customized content type construction. An overview of one of the popular CCK extensions is given in 1 of this book.

. Summary. In this chapte Visual Studio .NET qr bidimensional barcode r, you have learned to: Build a basic site for publishing an online newspaper or magazine Organize articles into several sections, and categories Create and use custom menu links for the display of articles Use the Agora Forum extension to create a users forum. [ 89 ]. Breakin" Events Building an Events Site "Electric" Ski d Jackson is a retired break-dancer. Having won the Red Rhino Street Dance Award for ve years in a row, Skid is now a full-time choreographer and owner of the Def Freeze dance crew. Skid has an idea for a website where all of the street dance events all over the world can be listed according to their location.

The primary advantage of such a website to Skid will be to provide a constant stream of prize-winning dance duels where he can enter the Def Freeze dance crew. He has chosen the name "Breakin" Events" for his website. Skid Jackson wants a website where new events, from anywhere in the world, can be listed on the site by all of the registered users.

The Breakin" Events website will have the following features: Registered users will be able to create events, categorized by continent A Calendar, which will show all of the events, in a grid view A listing of the latest listed events, shown on the front page.
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