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812 sed use iphone code 128a integrating toincoporate ansi/aim code 128 in objective-c GTIN - 128 Edits a file noninteractively sed [ n] program [file-list] sed [ n] f program-file [file-list] The sed (stream editor) utility is a batch (noninteractive) editor. It transforms an input stream that can come from a file or standard input. It is frequently used as a filter in a pipe.

Because it makes only one pass through its input, sed is more efficient than an interactive editor such as ed. Most Linux distributions provide GNU sed; Mac OS X supplies BSD sed. 13 applies to both versions.

. See 13 for information on sed tip See 13 starting on page 565 for information on sed. SetFile O Sets file attributes SetFile [options] file-list T he SetFile utility sets file attributes (page 931), including the file s type and creator codes, creation and last modification times, and attribute flags such as the invisible and locked flags.. Arguments Options The file-list specifies the p athnames of one or more files that SetFile works on. The options for SetFile correspond to the options for GetFileInfo (page 717). a flags (attribute) Sets the attribute flags specified by flags.

An uppercase letter for a flag sets that flag and a lowercase letter unsets the flag. The values of unspecified flags are not changed. See Table D-2 on page 931 or the SetFile man page for a list of attribute flags.

c creator Sets the creator code to creator. d date Sets the creation date to date. You must format the date as mm/dd/[yy]yy [hh:mm:[:ss] [AM .

PM]]. If you do not specify code-128c for Objective-C AM or PM, SetFile assumes a 24-hour clock. You must enclose a date string that contains SPACEs within quotation marks.

m date (modification) Sets the modification date to date. The format of date is the same as that used with the d option. P (no dereference) For each file that is a symbolic link, sets information about the symbolic link, not the file the link points to.

This option affects all files and treats files that are not symbolic links normally. See page 625 for an example of the P option. t type Sets the type code to type.

. Notes The SetFile utility is part o iPhone code-128c f the Developer Tools optional install. The options to SetFile and the corresponding options to GetFileInfo have minor differences. For example, you can specify multiple attribute flags with the a option to SetFile but only a single flag with GetFileInfo.

Also, SetFile requires a SPACE between the a option and the list of flags; GetFileInfo does not allow a SPACE there.. SetFile O SetFile O 814 SetFile O Examples The first example sets the ty pe and creator codes of the file named arch to SIT5 and SIT!, respectively, indicating that it is a StuffIt archive. The GetFileInfo utility displays these codes..

$ SetFile -t SIT5 -c SIT! arc Code128 for Objective-C h $ GetFileInfo -c arch "SIT!" $ GetFileInfo -t arch "SIT5". The next example marks the fi le named secret as invisible and locked. The file will not be visible in the Finder, and most OS X applications will be unable to overwrite it..

$ SetFile -a VL secret The final example clears the invisible attribute flag from every file in the working directory:. $ SetFile -a v *. sleep 815 sleep sleep time sleep time-list L The sleep utility causes the process executing it to go to sleep for the time specified.. Arguments Traditionally the amount of t ime a process sleeps is given as a single integer argument, time, which denotes a number of seconds. The time does not have to be an integer, however: You can specify a decimal fraction. Under Linux you can also append a unit specification to time: s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), or d (days).

Under Linux you can construct a time-list by including several times on the command line: The total time the process sleeps is the sum of these times. For example, if you specify 1h 30m 100s, the process will sleep for 91 minutes and 40 seconds..

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