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1. Data Types and Data Structures using awt toencode code-128c with web,windows application iOS Python s oating- Code128 for Java point numbers provide the same basic operations as its integral numbers, with integers being promoted to oating-point when numeric types are mixed in the same expression.. Bytestrings, Unicode Strings, and QStrings There are two bui applet barcode code 128 lt-in string types in Python: str which holds bytes, and unicode which holds Unicode characters. Both types support a common set of string-processing operations. Like numbers, Python strings are immutable.

They are also sequences, so they can be passed to functions that accept sequences and can use Python s sequence operations, for example, the len() function which returns the length of a sequence. PyQt provides a third string type, QString. If we only deal with 7-bit ASCII characters, that is, characters in the range 0 127, and if we want to save some memory, we can use strs.

However, if we use an 8-bit character set, we must be careful that we know which codec we are using. In Western Europe, for example, 8-bit strings are often encoded using the Latin-1 encoding. In general, it is not always possible simply by examining the bytes to determine which 8-bit encoding is used for a particular string (or le).

Modern GUI libraries, including Qt, use Unicode strings, so the safest route is to use strs for 7-bit ASCII and for raw binary 8-bit bytes, and unicode or QString otherwise. Python strings are created by using quotes:. >>> g = "Green" >>> t = " trees" >>> g + t "Green trees". QString 28. Python does not m jar Code 128 Code Set B ind whether we use double or single quotes as long as we use the same kind at both ends. To force a string literal to be of type unicode, we precede its initial quote with u:. >>> bird = "Sparrow" >>> beast = u"Unicorn" >>> type(bird), type(beast), type(bird + beast) (<type "str">, <type "unicode">, <type "unicode">). Notice that we ca j2se Code 128 Code Set A n use binary + to concatenate strings, and that if we involve str and unicode objects in the same operation the str operands are promoted to unicode and the resultant object is of type unicode. (If the str contains characters outside the 7-bit ASCII range, Python raises a UnicodeEncodeError exception; exceptions are covered in 2.) In Python there is no separate character type: A single character is a string of length 1.

We can get a character from a byte value using chr(), which. Numbers and Strings accepts an intege applet code128b r value in the range 0 255. The Python documentation does not specify which encoding is used for values outside the ASCII range, (i.e.

, above 127). For Unicode, we can use unichr(), which accepts an integer in the range 0 65 535. To convert the other way, from a character to its integer value (ASCII value or Unicode code point), we can use ord().

For example:. >>> euro = unichr(8364) >>> print euro >>> ord(euro) 8364. Why did we use pr Java Code 128A int instead of letting IDLE output the result Because IDLE shows non-ASCII characters in strings using hexadecimal escapes, so without print IDLE will output u"\u20ac". It is also possible to access Unicode characters by name:. >>> euro = u"\N{euro sign}" >>> print euro If we need to inc j2ee code 128 barcode lude special characters in a string we can escape them using a backslash, ( \ ). Table 1.2 shows the escapes available; the Unicode ones only make sense inside unicode strings.

Here are two examples that show how to escape quotes:. "He said \"No you don"t!\" again." "What\"s up with him ". We don t need to jvm Code 128B escape single quotes inside strings delimited by double quotes, and we don t need to escape double quotes inside strings delimited by single quotes. For multiline strings we can use triple quotes:. """This string ha s three lines in it, with a "quote", another "quote", and with just one embedded newline \ since we have escaped one of them.""". These kinds of st Code 128B for Java rings can include escaped characters just like normal strings, and can be delimited by three single quotes as shown, or by three double quotes. Newlines in triple-quoted strings, and in Python code, can be escaped by preceding them with a backslash. (This works correctly on Windows too, even though Windows uses two characters at the end of lines rather than one.

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