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Solaris and LDAP Naming Services use tomcat uss code 39 generation toincoporate uss code 39 in java Industrial 2 of 5 Considering thi jvm barcode code39 s, center all write-tuning efforts around optimizing disk access. This optimization takes one of two forms: 1. It minimizes the amount of information that must be written to disk.

2. It increases the throughput of disk write operations by using faster disks, or spreading the load across spindles and controllers. The following sections offer tips on tuning write performance.

. Optimize Indexes Although indexi javabean USS Code 39 ng makes searches much faster, the indexes must be updated by the directory for each write operation. This updating places a load on the server and increases the number of disk accesses that must be made for each directory update. When creating indexes, you must balance the needs of a fast search access to data against directory write performance.

The first optimization you can perform is to examine your indexes and remove any that are unneeded. If your applications never search on a particular attribute or do so infrequently, then putting an index on that attribute will only slow directory writes without providing any search performance gains. The directory, when first installed, is configured with a certain set of default indexes.

You should always examine that list of indexes and remove any unnecessary ones. It is important to consider the types of indexes the directory is maintaining. Each type of index, while useful for optimizing particular types of queries, is also associated with a particular cost whenever that index must be maintained.

TABLE 7-9 illustrates the relative cost of maintaining certain types of indexes. The cost is expressed in terms of the number of logical database writes associated with maintaining the index for a given value..

Relative Costs of Index Types Relative Cost to Index a Value Example Value: first middle last TABLE 7-9 Type of Index Presence Equality Approximate Substring 1 1 1 * number of words in value 1 * number of characters in value 1 1 3 17. You can see fro m TABLE 7-9, that substring indexes are potentially an order of magnitude (or more!) more expensive to maintain than equality or presence indexes. You should always be using the least expensive type of index that can accommodate. 7 . Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning the types of qu 39 barcode for Java eries being made to an attribute. For example, if your applications will never be executing wildcard searches on a uid attribute, then you should not maintain a substring index for that attribute..

Increase Disk Throughput An important pa 39 barcode for Java rt of write-performance tuning is finding ways to increase the throughput of the disks storing the directory data. This can be accomplished in two ways: 1. Increase the performance of individual disk subsystems.

2. Balance the write load across multiple disk subsystems. The overall throughput of writing information to disk can be increased if the write load is spread across drives and controllers.

The default installation of the directory places all directory data files under a single subdirectory. These files include the database and indexes, transaction logs, change database, and log files. This configuration usually results in all directory files being managed by a single disk volume.

In 4, iPlanet Directory Server Installation and Configuration, procedures for relocating writable files are provided. Consult TABLE 7-10 to review the locations of the directives that control the location of each directory files that can be updated..

Location of Files That Can Be Updated Directive Location TABLE 7-10 File Database and indexes Transaction log Change log Log files directory db_lo gdirectory changelogdir parameter or Netscape Console accesslog, errorlog, auditfile parameters, or Netscape Console. slapd.ldbm.conf slapd.conf slapd.conf slapd.conf Minimize Write Traffic Since update pe jdk Code 39 rformance is directly related to the amount of information that must be written to disk whenever an update occurs, anything that reduces or eliminates that disk traffic will speed updates. Here are some suggestions:. Remove any unnecessary indexes, as discussed in Optimize Indexes on page 197. Solaris and LDAP Naming Services Minimize or eli minate logging. Turn off the access or audit logs if you don t use them regularly or don t require them for audit purposes. Eliminate the changelog db.

If the directory is not a replication master, it doesn t need to maintain a change log. Turn it off through the Directory Server Console or through the changelogdir parameter in slapd.conf.

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