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Where to Go for Additional Information AnswerBook AnswerBook 2 System Administration Guide, Managing System Resources, Scheduling System Events Man Pages at(1) cron(1M) crontab(1) crontab(4). Publications Administration and Usage of Crontab, SunSolve White Paper 918 Crontab Administration and Usage, SunSolve Infodoc 3959. 8. System Logs UNIX system log ging capabilities and configuration are described in this chapter. What"s in this chapter. Description and configuration of syslog loginlog sulog Last log Other system logs Why this is imp ortant UNIX systems record security (and other) events in system logs. UNIX system administrators need to know how these logging mechanisms function so that they can be understood and modified as needed..

What Is a System Log A system log is a recording of certain events. The kind of events found in a system log is determined by the nature of the particular log and any configurations used to control those events that are logged. System logs are usually human-readable text files containing a timestamp and other information specific to the message or subsystem.

. syslog syslog is UNIX" s general-purpose logging mechanism and consists of the following:. syslog() an app barcode code39 for None lication program interface (API) referenced by several standard system utilities and available to anyone writing software in the C programming language (this topic will not be explored further in this book) logger a UNIX command used to add single-line entries to the system log /etc/syslog.conf the configuration file used to control the logging and routing of system log events syslogd the system daemon used to receive and route system log events from syslog() calls and logger commands. syslog Facilities and Severity Levels syslog system m Microsoft Office bar code 39 essages are categorized by facility and severity. The facilities are listed in Table 8-1. syslog severity categories are listed, in decreasing order, in Table 8-2.

Table 8-1. syslog Facilities Facility Message Description Generated by user processes. This is the default facility; messages not fitting any of the other user listed categories here are classified as facility user.

kern Generated by the system kernel. mail Generated by the e-mail system. daemon Generated by system daemons, such as ftpd.

auth Generated by the authorization programs login, su, and getty. lpr Generated by the printing system. news Generated by the Usenet News system.

uccp Generated by the UUCP system. cron Generated by cron and at. local0-7 Generated by up to eight locally defined categories numbered 0 through 7.

mark Generated by syslog itself for timestamping logs. Severity emerg alert crit err warning notice info debug Table 8-2. syslog Severity Levels Description The most severe messages, such as immediate system shutdown.

System conditions requiring immediate attention. Critical system conditions, such as failing hardware or software. Other system errors.

Warning messages. Notices requiring attention at a later time. Informational messages.

Messages for debugging purposes.. syslog Message Classification Notation The notation us Code 3 of 9 for None ed to classify syslog messages is facility. severity. For example, a warning message from the printing system would be classified as lpr.

warning. For any severity level specified, messages are generated for that and all less-severe levels. For example, lpr.

warning causes warning-, err-, crit-, alert-, and emerg-level messages from the lpr service to be generated. Wild card notation is used in syslog notation. For example, *.

err means severity level err messages from all facilities (except the mark facility).. syslog Configuration syslog configur Microsoft Code 39 ation consists of routing error messages from various facilities (and at various severity levels) to one or more of the following destinations:. Logfiles anywhe re on the system Another computer running syslog with its own syslog configuration Active users on the system. The notation fo Microsoft Office USS Code 39 r syslog.conf messages is selector <tab> action (note that the character between selector and action must be a tab and must not be one or more spaces). Action consists of a system name, pathname, or userid.

Selector consists of one or more semicolon-separated facility-severity pairs taking the form facility.level[;facility.level].

facility consists of one or more comma-separated facilities. Here are examples of complete entries. 1.

All debug (and higher) messages in the mail system are written to the file /var/log/mail.debug.log.

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