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variable to be added to the working data file. use spring framework ean13+5 drawer topaint ean-13 on java Microsoft Office Excel Website E To build an expression, either paste components into the Expression field or type directly in the Expression field. You can paste functions or commonly used system variables by selecting a group from the Function group list and double-clicking the function or variable in the Functions and Special Variables list (or select the function or variable and click the arrow adjacent to the Function group list). Fill in any parameters.

131 Data Transformations indicated by qu estion marks (only applies to functions). The function group labeled All provides a listing of all available functions and system variables. A brief description of the currently selected function or variable is displayed in a reserved area in the dialog box.

String constants must be enclosed in quotation marks or apostrophes. If values contain decimals, a period (.) must be used as the decimal indicator.

For new string variables, you must also select Type & Label to specify the data type.. Compute Variable: If Cases The If Cases di alog box allows you to apply data transformations to selected subsets of cases, using conditional expressions. A conditional expression returns a value of true, false, or missing for each case..

Figure 7-2 Compute Variable If Cases dialog box If the result of a conditional expression is true, the case is included in the selected subset. 132 7 . If the result o f a conditional expression is false or missing, the case is not included in the selected subset. Most conditional expressions use one or more of the six relational operators (<, >, <=, >=, =, and ~=) on the calculator pad. Conditional expressions can include variable names, constants, arithmetic operators, numeric and other functions, logical variables, and relational operators.

. Compute Variable: Type and Label By default, new computed variables are numeric. To compute a new string variable, you must specify the data type and width..

Label. Optional j2ee ean13 , descriptive variable label up to 120 characters long. You can enter a label or use the first 110 characters of the Compute expression as the label.

Type. Computed variables can be numeric or string (alphanumeric). String variables cannot be used in calculations.

. Figure 7-3 Type and Label dialog box Functions Many types of f unctions are supported, including: Arithmetic functions Statistical functions String functions. 133 Data Transformations Date and time f unctions Distribution functions Random variable functions Missing value functions Scoring functions (SPSS Server only) Search for functions in the online Help system index for a complete list of functions.. Missing Values in Functions Functions and s imple arithmetic expressions treat missing values in different ways. In the expression:. (var1+var2+var3)/3. the result is m issing if a case has a missing value for any of the three variables. In the expression:. MEAN(var1, var2, var3). the result is m issing only if the case has missing values for all three variables. For statistical functions, you can specify the minimum number of arguments that must have nonmissing values. To do so, type a period and the minimum number after the function name, as in:.

MEAN.2(var1, var2, var3). Random Number Generators The Random Numb jar EAN13 er Generators dialog box allows you to select the random number generator and set the starting sequence value so you can reproduce a sequence of random numbers.. 134 7 . Active Generato ean13+2 for Java r. Two different random number generators are available: SPSS 12 Compatible. The random number generator used in SPSS 12 and previous.

releases. If yo u need to reproduce randomized results generated in previous releases based on a specified seed value, use this random number generator..

Mersenne Twister. A newer random number generator that is more reliable for simulation purp oses. If reproducing randomized results from SPSS 12 or earlier is not an issue, use this random number generator..

Active Generato European Article Number 13 for Java r Initialization. The random number seed changes each time a random number is generated for use in transformations (such as random distribution functions), random sampling, or case weighting. To replicate a sequence of random numbers, set the initialization starting point value prior to each analysis that uses the random numbers.

The value must be a positive integer.. Figure 7-4 Random Number Seed dialog box To select the r jdk ean13+2 andom number generator and/or set the initialization value:. E From the menus choose: Transform Random Number Generators 135 Data Transformations Count Occurrences of Values within Cases This dialog box EAN-13 for Java creates a variable that counts the occurrences of the same value(s) in a list of variables for each case. For example, a survey might contain a list of magazines with yes/no check boxes to indicate which magazines each respondent reads. You could count the number of yes responses for each respondent to create a new variable that contains the total number of magazines read.

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