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Menus generate, create code 39 extended none for java projects Beaware of Malicious QR Codes Many of the task barcode 39 for Java s that you want to perform with SPSS are available through menu selections. Each window in SPSS has its own menu bar with menu selections that are appropriate for that window type. The Analyze and Graphs menus are available in all windows, making it easy to generate new output without having to switch windows.

. Status Bar The status bar a j2ee barcode 3 of 9 t the bottom of each SPSS window provides the following information:. Command status. For each procedure or command that you run, a case counter indicates the number of cases processed so far. For statistical procedures that require iterative processing, the number of iterations is displayed.

Filter status. If you have selected a random sample or a subset of cases for analysis, the message Filter on indicates that some type of case filtering is currently in effect and not all cases in the data file are included in the analysis. Weight status.

The message Weight on indicates that a weight variable is being used to. weight cases for analysis. 9 Overview Split File statu USS Code 39 for Java s. The message Split File on indicates that the data file has been split into separate groups for analysis, based on the values of one or more grouping variables..

Showing and Hiding the Status Bar E From the menus choose: View Status Bar Dialog Boxes Most menu select Code-39 for Java ions open dialog boxes. You use dialog boxes to select variables and options for analysis. Dialog boxes for statistical procedures and charts typically have two basic components:.

Source variable list. A list of variables in the active dataset. Only variable types that are allowed by the s Java bar code 39 elected procedure are displayed in the source list. Use of short string and long string variables is restricted in many procedures..

Target variable list(s). One or more lists indicating the variables that you have chosen for the analysis, such as dependent and independent variable lists. Variable Names and Variable Labels in Dialog Box Lists You can display javabean 39 barcode either variable names or variable labels in dialog box lists. To control the display of variable names or labels, choose Options from the Edit menu in any window. To define or modify variable labels, use Variable View in the Data Editor.

For data that are imported from database sources, field names are used as variable labels. For long labels, position the mouse pointer over the label in the list to view the entire label. If no variable label is defined, the variable name is displayed.

. 10 1 Figure 1-2 Variable labels displayed in a dialog box Dialog Box Controls There are five s tandard controls in most dialog boxes:. OK. Runs the procedure. After you select your variables and choose any additional specifications, click OK to run the procedure and close the dialog box. Paste. Generates j2ee barcode 3/9 command syntax from the dialog box selections and pastes the syntax into a syntax window. You can then customize the commands with additional features that are not available from dialog boxes.

Reset. Deselects any variables in the selected variable list(s) and resets all specifications. in the dialog box and any subdialog boxes to the default state. Cancel. Cancels any changes that were made in the dialog box settings since the last time it was open ed and closes the dialog box. Within a session, dialog box settings are persistent. A dialog box retains your last set of specifications until you override them.

. Help. Provides c Code 39 Full ASCII for Java ontext-sensitive Help. This control takes you to a Help window that contains information about the current dialog box.

You can also get help on individual dialog box controls by right-clicking the control.. 11 Overview Subdialog Boxes Because most pro cedures provide a great deal of flexibility, not all of the possible choices can be contained in a single dialog box. The main dialog box usually contains the minimum information that is required to run a procedure. Additional specifications are made in subdialog boxes.

In the main dialog box, controls with an ellipsis (...

) after the name indicate that a subdialog box will be displayed.. Selecting Variables To select a sing le variable, simply highlight it on the source variable list and click the right arrow button next to the target variable list. If there is only one target variable list, you can double-click individual variables to move them from the source list to the target list. You can also select multiple variables: To select multiple variables that are grouped together on the variable list, click the first variable and then Shift-click the last variable in the group.

To select multiple variables that are not grouped together on the variable list, click the first variable, then Ctrl-click the next variable, and so on..
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