Figure 10-6 PowerPoint Options dialog box in Java Display USS Code 39 in Java Figure 10-6 PowerPoint Options dialog box

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Figure 10-6 PowerPoint Options dialog box using jsp todraw code 39 full ascii on web,windows application ISO Standards Overview Include Title on Slide. Check this box to include a title on each slide that is created by the export. E ach slide contains a single item that is exported from the Viewer. The title is formed from the outline entry for the item in the outline pane of the Viewer.

. Export Footno barcode code39 for Java tes and Caption. Check this box to include any footnotes and captions along with the export of pivot tables. Export All Layers.

Check this box to export all layers of a multilayer pivot table; each. layer is plac ed on a separate slide, and all layers have the same title. If this box is left unchecked, only the top layer is exported..

256 10 . Text Options Text Options ANSI/AIM Code 39 for Java controls pivot table, text output, and chart format options and the inclusion of footnotes and captions for documents that are exported in text format.. Figure 10-7 Text Options dialog box Pivot tables barcode code39 for Java can be exported in tab-separated or space-separated format. For tab-separated format, if a cell is not empty, its contents and a tab character are printed. If a cell is empty, a tab character is printed.

All text output is exported in space-separated format. All space-separated output requires a fixed-pitch (monospaced) font for proper alignment..

Cell Formatti ng. For space-separated pivot tables, by default all line wrapping is removed, and each column is set to the width of the longest label or value in the column. To limit the width of columns and wrap long labels, specify a number of characters for the column width.

This setting affects only pivot tables. Cell Separators. For space-separated pivot tables, you can specify the characters that.

are used to create cell borders. Image Format. Controls the chart export format and optional settings, including chart size. 257 Working with Output Insert page b Code 39 for Java reak between tables. Inserts a form feed/page break between each table. For multilayer pivot tables, this option inserts a page break between each layer.

. Chart Size Options Chart Size co 39 barcode for Java ntrols the size of exported charts. The custom percentage specification allows you to decrease or increase the size of the exported chart up to 200%..

Figure 10-8 Export Chart Size dialog box To Set the Size for Exported Charts E Make the Vi ewer the active window (click anywhere in the window). E From the menus choose: File Export..

. E For output documents, click Options, select the export format, and then click Chart Size. E For Charts Only, select the export format, and then click Chart Size.

. JPEG Chart Export Options Color Depth. JPEG charts can be exported as true color (24 bit) or 256 grayscale. Color Space.

Color Space refers to the way that colors are encoded in the image. The. YUV color mod 3 of 9 for Java el is one form of color encoding, commonly used for digital video and MPEG transmission. The acronym stands for Y-signal, U-Signal, V-signal. The Y component specifies grayscale or luminance, and the U and V components correspond to the chrominance (color information).

. 258 10 . The ratios re ANSI/AIM Code 39 for Java present the sampling rates for each component. Reducing the U and V sampling rates reduces file size (and also quality). Color Space determines the degree of lossiness for colors in the exported image.

YUV 4:4:4 is lossless, while YUV 4:2:2 and YUV 4:1:1 represent the decreasing trade-off between file size (disk space) and quality of the colors that are represented.. Progressive encoding. Enables the image to load in stages, initially displaying at low resolution and then increasing in quality as the image continues to load. Compression Quality Setting. Controls the ratio of compression to image quality. The higher the image quality, the larger the exported file size. Color Operati ons. The following operations are available: Invert. Each pixel is saved as the inverse of the original color.

Gamma correction. Adjusts the intensity of colors in the exported chart by changing. the gamma con Code 3/9 for Java stant that is used to map the intensity values. Basically, this feature can be used to lighten or darken the bitmapped image. The value can range from 0.

10 (darkest) to 6.5 (lightest)..

BMP and PICT Chart Export Options Color Depth. Determines the number of colors in the exported chart. A chart that is saved under a ny depth will have a minimum of the number of colors that are actually used and a maximum of the number of colors that are allowed by the depth. For example, if the chart contains three colors red, white, and black and you save it as 16 colors, the chart will remain as 3 colors. If the number of colors in the chart exceeds the number of colors for that depth, the colors will be dithered to replicate the colors in the chart.

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