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Task using j2ee tomake upc code with web,windows application Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique Set up RI between the sec0820_states table and the sec0820_clients table. Oracle & Access SQL: Step 1, create a uniqueness constraint alter table sec0820_states ad GTIN - 12 for Java d constraint unique_sec0820_states_s_capital unique (state_capital);. Oracle & Access SQL: Step 2, create RI alter table sec0820_clients a Java UPC A dd constraint fk_sec0820_clients_state_capital foreign key (state_capital) references sec0820_states (state_capital);. Lookup table (sec0820_states table). STATE CODE -----CA OR WA STAT UPCA for Java E_NAME -----------------------------CALIFORNIA OREGON WASHINGTON STATE_CAPITAL ---------------SACRAMENTO SALEM OLYMPIA. Data table (sec0820_clients t able). CLIENT_ID --------100 200 300 applet upc barcodes 400 500 600 CLIENT_NAME -----------------------------LARRY COHEN ALICE WILLIAMS ROGER WOLF NANCY KERN CATHY LEE STEVEN LAKE STATE_CAPITAL -----------------SACRAMENTO SACRAMENTO SALEM SALEM OLYMPIA OLYMPIA. VARIATIONS OF REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY Notes A uniqueness constraint must be put on the state_capital column of the sec0820_states table, whi UCC - 12 for Java ch is the lookup table. This creates the restriction that each row of the table must have a different value in this column. This uniqueness constraint is required before the RI constraint can be created.

It is also possible to make the state_capital column the primary key of the sec0820_states table. This is another way to create the restriction that each row of the table must have a different value in this column and it allows the RI constraint to be created. However, in this example, this is not possible because the state_code column is already defined to be the primary key of the sec0820_states table.

This restriction is necessary so that when a specific value is looked up in the sec0820_states table, only a single row of that table can have a matching value.. This alter table statement creates the RI constraint on the state_capital column. Now we UPC-A Supplement 5 for Java might say that the state_capital column of the sec0820_states table is the primary key of the RI rela-. tionship even though it is not the primary key of the table. 8-21 Using two or more columns for the primary key All of our examples so far ha ve had a single column as the primary key. This is by far the most common situation when we are using a lookup table and RI. However it is also possible to have several columns in the primary key of the lookup table and within the data table to validate the combination of several columns together.

In fact, this is done in the Lunches database. We have RI between the l_foods table and the l_lunch_items table. The combination of the supplier_id and product_code columns is validated for every row of the l_lunch_items table.

. Task Show how RI is set up between the l_foods table and the l_lunch_items table. So this code will run, I use copies of these tables here..

CHAPTER 8 DATA INTEGRITY Oracle & Access SQL alter table sec0821_lunch_ite jdk upc barcodes ms add constraint fk_sec0821_lunch_items_foods foreign key (supplier_id, product_code) references sec0821_foods (supplier_id, product_code); . Lookup table (sec0821_foods t able). SUPPLIER ID -------ASP ASP AS servlet upc barcodes P CBC CBC FRV FRV JBR JBR VSB PRODUCT MENU PRICE CODE ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE INCREASE ------- ------- -------------------- ----------- -------FS 1 FRESH SALAD $2.00 $0.25 SP 2 SOUP OF THE DAY $1.

50 (null) SW 3 SANDWICH $3.50 $0.40 GS 4 GRILLED STEAK $6.

00 $0.70 SW 5 HAMBURGER $2.50 $0.

30 BR 6 BROCCOLI $1.00 $0.05 FF 7 FRENCH FRIES $1.

50 (null) AS 8 SODA $1.25 $0.25 VR 9 COFFEE $0.

85 $0.15 AS 10 DESSERT $3.00 $0.

50. Data table (sec0821_lunch_ite ms table). SUPPLIER PRODUCT LUNCH_ID ITE UCC - 12 for Java M_NUMBER ID CODE QUANTITY --------- ----------- -------- ------- --------1 1 ASP FS 1 1 2 ASP SW 2 1 3 JBR VR 2 2 1 ASP SW 2 (and many more). Notes The foreign key consists of two c olumns, supplier_id and product_code, of the sec0821_lunch_items table. These two col-. umns are in a specific order UPCA for Java and are taken together to form a single unit, which is the foreign key, whose value needs to be verified. This is the same idea that allows the primary key of a table to consist of several columns, even though the primary key is considered to be a single entity..

The list of all the valid values for the foreign key resides in the rows of the sec0821_foods table. Spec awt upc a ifically, in the supplier_id column and product_code column of that table. Again, these two columns form a single unit, an ordered pair, in which the columns have a specific order.

. VARIATIONS OF REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY 8-22 The lookup and data tables can be the same table It is possible for the lookup j2se Universal Product Code version A table and the data table to be the same table. That is, one column of a table is validated against another column from the same table. In fact this occurs within the Lunches database.

The l_employees table has an employee_id column and a manager_id column. Each manager_id is required to be a valid employee_id..

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