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8.5.6 Conclusions use software barcode code39 generator todeploy 3 of 9 barcode in software Android What has contrib barcode 3 of 9 for None uted to the long-lasting popularity of CMOS is not only the scaling property of MOS devices, but also the many bene ts o ered by a fully complementary static CMOS circuit style.. 8.5 PITFALLS SR-seesaw ! sampling period must exceed maximum contact bounce time CLK Q ENA D Q Q Q CLK SR-seesaw divide by n snapper on-chip microcomputer debouncing implemented in software Fig. 8.43 Auxiliary circuits for the debouncing of mechanical contacts. Simple and elega Code 39 Extended for None nt (compare with TTL and ECL circuits), Robust (ratioless and insensitive to leakage currents), Operational over a wide range of supply voltages, Modest in terms of interconnect resources (single-rail signal, composite gates), and Energy-e cient (low activity when compared with dynamic CMOS logic).. May the many cir cuit variations and design tricks that have been presented in this chapter and that are listed below serve as a source of inspiration for young designers. Antagonistic pull-down and pull-up networks, Composite gates (and-or-invert AOI, mirror adder), Transmission gates, Controlled, overruled, and power-cycled memory loops, Jamb latches, Function latches (storage and logic combined), One-transistor data storage cells, Di erential readout combined with ampli cation, MOS capacitors, Digitally adjustable delays, Hysteresis and level shifting..

Design of VLSI Circuits 8.6 Problems 1. The (poor) pe Software barcode code39 rformance of an n-channel MOSFET as a high-side switch has been explained in section 8.1.

1 by studying how the gate source voltage evolves while a capacitive load is being charged. Visualize the process in g.8.

1 and compare it with a situation where the same n-channel MOSFET is being put to service as a low-side switch. 2. Implement the logic function below with the most simple static CMOS circuit you can think of.

Also suggest a reasonable layout arrangement in gate-matrix style. Compare your solution with an alternative that makes do with traditional 1- and 2-input gates. OUP = IN1 (IN2 ((IN3 IN4) (IN5 IN6))) (8.

47). 3. Consider the truth table below and assume all of x, y, z are available in complemented and non-complemented form. Is it possible to implement this function in a single gate in static CMOS technology yz f x 0 1 00 1 0 01 1 1 11 0 0 10 0 1.

4. Have a closer Software Code 39 Extended look at the circuit of g.8.

44. Are the n- and p-transistor networks dual What is the circuit s functionality Explain the role of each circuit element shown. Do you see any advantage .

U3 INP N2 P1 OUP N1 Fig. 8.44 Five-transistor CMOS circuit. 5. Figure 8.45 s hows a full adder that greatly di ers from the circuit of g.

8.18. Begin by trying to understand its structure and operation.

How many transistors does the circuit include Do you see any weaknesses Can you nd a remedy How does the redesigned circuit compare in terms of transistor count and energy e ciency . 8.6 PROBLEMS INC OUPC INA OUPS Fig. 8.45 Transmission gate adder circuit. 6. With no more USS Code 39 for None than 12 transistors, the ip- op proposed in g.8.

46 appears to be a very attractive alternative to those discussed in section 8.2. Yet, the design is not acceptable as a library component because it is exposed to failure.

Find all potential problems, specify the preconditions that would allow this circuit to operate as intended, and suggest improvements that make it more robust.. Q D Q Fig. 8.46 Unsafe ip- op circuit. 7. Figure 8.47 s hows a more complete ip- op circuit.

Analyze its organization and functioning. 8. The general idea behind LSSD has been introduced in section 6.

2.5. The circuit of g.

8.48b implements the functionality of an LSSD cell but is not optimal for CMOS. (a) Design a static CMOS circuit at the transistor level.

Decide yourself whether you prefer to use switched or overruled memory loops. (b) What characteristics are important to make a bistable safe, friendly, and fast . Design of VLSI Circuits Fig. 8.47 Industrial ip- op circuit. CLK2 CLK1 Q D CLK0 Q CLK1 CLK2 CLK0 D SCI Q SCI Q master slave Fig. 8.48 LSSD s torage element.

Proposed icon (a) and logically equivalent circuit (b).. 9. Assume the ci Software 3 of 9 barcode rcuit of g.8.

40c were to drive the D-input of the latch subcircuit shown in g.8.40d.

Do you see any problem with that Formulate a rule for safe design. 10. Reconsider the circuit of g.

8.40d. Let CLK = 0, Q = 1, and D = 0.

Further assume the output of u1 undershoots heavily as a consequence of strong ground bounce. What might happen in an extreme case 11. Consider a digital IC that includes transmission gates such as those shown in g.

8.15. Assume the p-channel MOSFET in one of them is stuck in a non-conducting state as a consequence.

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