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Bibliography using barcode integrating for .net control to generate, create code-39 image in .net applications. Microsoft Official Website [BacHa 94] Visual Studio .NET Code 3 of 9 [BaFGM] [BadSh 06] [Bagno 04] [BaGrS 85] [BalSw 97]. [Banac 32] [Banas 83] [Bargm 47] [BatRo 99]. [BeCh 74a]. [BeCh 74b] [BeChJ 98] [BeChR 84] [Behr 79]. [BekHa] [Be barcode 3/9 for .NET kk 06] [Bekk 99] [Bekka 03] [BeCuH 02] [BekLo 97]. R. Bacher a nd P. de la Harpe.

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. Bibliography [BekNe O2] [BekVa 93] [BeMa 00a]. [BeMa 00b] 3 of 9 for .NET [BezGo 81] [Blanc 79] [BoJaS 88] [Borel 63] [Bore 69a] [Bore 69b] [Borel 73] [BorHa 62] [BorWa 80]. [BotRh 77] [Bou Int1] [Bou Int2] [Bou Spec] [Bou Top1] [Bou Top2] [Bou AlCo] [Bou GLie] [BouGa 06] [BriHa 99] [Brook 86] [Brown 89] [BruTi 72]. B. Bekka an .net framework Code39 d M.

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, 41:5 251, 1972..
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