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LEX TALIONIS using visual .net tocompose code 39 extended for web,windows application iOS As we review 39 barcode for .NET the penalties for homicide in cuneiform law, we realize that the execution of the killer is not based on the principle of lex talionis.20 According to lex talionis, the penalty must be similar to the offense in the aspects in which the original offense was wrong.

It is a reversal of roles: In the case of homicide, the original agent of harm, the killer, becomes the recipient of the same action of the type, killing, that constituted the offense. In cuneiform law, the victim s loss is made good, but the penalty in icted on the transgressor is realized in many different ways, sometimes capital punishment, sometimes monetary compensation, sometimes compensation in kind. The offender does suffer a loss, but it is not the same as the loss suffered by the victim.

Social categories imposed their quali cations on the law, and there is general inconsistency. It is most important to recognize that although there are statutes on unlawful death whose remedy is death, leading us to suppose that the penalty is to be identical to the offense,21 these are purely coincidental. They are not instances of lex talionis because they fall under the rubric of serious offenses punished by death.

Therefore, capital punishment for homicide is not an example of lex talionis. The principle of lex talionis does not operate as the foundational principle of the statutes on homicide in the cuneiform law collections. This does not mean that lex talionis, retaliation in kind, was not a principle in cuneiform law.

It was imposed on a false witness in LL 17 and LH 3: LL 17 If a man, without grounds, accuses another man of a matter of which he has no knowledge, and that man does not prove it, he shall bear the penalty of the matter for which he made the accusation. LH 3 If a man comes forward to give false testimony in a case but cannot prove his accusation, if that case is a capital case [lit. a case of life ], that man shall be killed.

It was imposed on nonfatal bodily injuries when certain classes of society were involved. LH 196 201 can be compared to LE 42 43: LE 42 If a man bites the nose of another man and cuts it off, he shall weigh and deliver 60 shekels of silver; an eye, 60 shekels; a tooth, 30 shekels;. 20 As against, for Visual Studio .NET barcode 3 of 9 example, Sick, who argues that the death penalty for the homicide provision was a result of an imposition of lex talionis (Die Totung, 306). 21 Herbert Petschow, Neufunde zu keilschriftlichen Rechtssammlungen, ZSS 85 (1968), 18, n.

64.. HOMICIDE IN THE BIBLICAL WORLD an ear, 30 s Visual Studio .NET 39 barcode hekels; a slap on the cheek, he shall weigh and deliver 10 shekels of silver. 43 If a man should cut off the nger of another man, he shall weigh and deliver 20 shekels of silver.

LH 196 If a free man should blind the eye of another man of the free class, they shall blind his eye. 197 If he should break the bone of another free man, they shall break his bone. 198 If he should blind the eye of a palace dependent/commoner, he shall weigh and deliver 60 shekels of silver.

199 If he should blind the eye of a free man s slave or break the bone of a free man s slave, he shall weigh and deliver one-half of [the slave s] value. 200 If a free man should knock out the tooth of another free man of his own rank, they shall knock out his own tooth. 201 If he should knock out the tooth of a palace dependent/commoner, he shall weigh and deliver 20 shekels of silver.

The imposition of the death penalty in particular cases of homicide is not based on lex talionis, but as the penalty in severe cases: LL e If she dies, that male shall be killed. LE 24 If he had no claim against him yet distrained the wife of a commoner/dependent or the son of a commoner/dependent, detained the distrainee in his house and caused him/her to die, it is a case of life; the distrainer who distrained shall die. LH 14 If a free man should kidnap the young child of another man, he shall be killed.

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