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Abbreviations using barcode generation for visual .net control to generate, create upc a image in visual .net applications. Microsoft Office Word Website AASOR AB ABD ABL Annual of the Am erican Schools of Oriental Research The Anchor Bible Anchor Bible Dictionary Robert Francis Harper, Assyrian and Babylonian Letters Belonging to the Kouyunyik Collection of the British Museum (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1892 1914) C. H. W.

Johns, Assyrian Deeds and Documents (Cambridge: Deighton, Bell, and Co., 1901, 1924) Archiv fur Orientforschung Wolfram von Soden, Assyrisches Handworterbuch (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1959 1981) Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament (ed. J.

B. Pritchard; 3d edition; Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1969) Analecta Orientalia Anatolian Studies. ADD AfO AHw ANET3 AnOr AnSt ABBREVIATIONS AOAT AOS ARM ARMT ArOr AuOr b. BA BASOR b.e. BBSt Alter Orient und .net vs 2010 GTIN - 12 Altes Testament American Oriental Series Archives royales de Mari Archives royales de Mari, transcrite et traduite Archiv Orientalni Aula orientis Babylonian Talmud Biblical Archaeologist Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research bottom edge of tablet L. W.

King, Babylonian Boundary Stones and Memorial Tablets in the British Museum (London: British Museum, 1912) F. Brown, S. R.

Driver, and C. A. Briggs, A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1907) Biblica Symbol for tablets in the British Museum Beitrage zur Wissenschaft vom Alten Testament Beiheft zur Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft The Assyrian Dictionary of the University of Chicago (Chicago: Oriental Institute, 1956 ) Cahiers de la Revue biblique Civilizations of the Ancient Near East (ed.

Jack M. Sasson; New York: Scribners, 1995) Catholic Biblical Quarterly Continental Commentaries Cuneiform Texts from Cappadocian Tablets in the British Museum Corpus inscriptionum judaicarum Cuneiform Texts Emmanuel Laroche, Catalogue des textes hittites (Paris: Klincksieck, 1971) Cuneiform Texts from Nimrud. Bib BM BWAT BZAW CAD CahRB CANE CBQ CC CCT CIJ CT CTH CTN ABBREVIATIONS DMOA DO EA EI GKC Documenta et Mon GTIN - 12 for .NET umenta Orientis Antiqui Symbol for tablets in Mus e National de Damas e El-Amarna Eretz Israel Wilhelm Gesenius, E. Kautzsch, E.

Cowley, Gesenius Hebrew Grammar (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1910) Hittite Laws Harvard Semitic Monographs Harvard Semitic Series International Critical Commentary The Interpreter s Dictionary of the Bible (ed. G. A.

Buttrick; Nashville: Abingdon, 1962) Israel Exploration Journal Interpretation Inventaire des Tablettes de Tello Journal of the American Oriental Society Journal of Biblical Literature Journal of Cuneiform Studies Journal of Jewish Studies Journal of Near Eastern Studies Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series H. Donner and W. Rollig, Kanaanaische und aramaische Inschriften (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1964) Keilschrifttexte aus Boghazkoi Keilschrifturkunden aus Boghazkoi left edge of tablet Laws of Eshnunna Laws of Hammurapi Laws of Lipit-Ishtar Laws about Rented Oxen Laws of Ur-Nammu.

HL HSM HSS ICC IDB IEJ Int ITT JAOS JBL JCS JJS JNES JSOT JSOTSup KAI KBo KUB l.e. LE LH LL LOx LU ABBREVIATIONS LXX m. MAL MANE MRS NABU ND NEB NICOT NSG NJV Septuagint Mishn GTIN - 12 for .NET ah Middle Assyrian Laws Monographs on the Ancient Near East Mission de Ras Shamra Nouvelles assyriologiques br` ves et utilitaires e Symbol for tablets excavated at Nimrud New English Bible New International Commentary on the Old Testament Adam Falkenstein, Die Neusumerische Gerichtsurkunden (Munich: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1956) New Jewish Version = TANAKH, The Holy Scriptures: The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text (Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society, 1988) obverse of tablet Oxford Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (ed. Eric M.

Meyers; New York: Oxford University Press, 1997) Oriental Institute Publications Orientalia, n.s. Old Testament Library Publications of the Babylonian Section J.

N. Postgate, The Governor s Palace Archive (Hertford, U.K.

: British School of Archaeology in Iraq, 1973) Le palais royal d Ugarit (ed. Jean Nougayrol; Paris: Imprimerie nationale, 1955 ) Revue d assyriologie et d arch ologie orientale e Revue biblique reverse of tablet Revue internationale des droits de l antiquit e The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia, Assyria Periods Reallexikon der Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archaologie (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1932 ) Ras es-Shamra. obv. OEANE OIP Or OTL PBS PPA PRU RA RB rev. RIDA RIMA RLA RS ABBREVIATIONS xiii RSV SAA SAAS SBL SBLDS ScrHier Si. SLEx SLHF SVT TCL TEO Revised Standard .NET UPCA Version State Archives of Assyria State Archives of Assyria Studies Society of Biblical Literature Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series Scripta Hierosolymitana Symbol for tablets excavated from Sippar Sumerian Laws Exercise tablet Sumerian Laws Handbook of Forms Supplements of Vetus Testamentum Textes cun iformes, Mus e du Louvre e e Henri de Genouillac, Textes economiques d Oumma de l poque d Our (TCL 5; Paris: Librairie Orientaliste/Paul e Geuthner, 1922) Texte aus der Umwelt des Alten Testaments Symbol for UruKAgina texts Symbol for tablets in the Vorderasiatische Teil der Staatlichen Museen, Berlin Vetus Testamentum Wissenschaftliche Monographien zum Alten und Neuen Testament Symbol for tablets in the Yale Babylonian Collection Zeitschrift fur Assyriologie Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung, Romanischen Abteilung.
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